Hedge with

Freely Tradable
Ideal DeFi Products

A right to acquire the underlying asset or service
at a pre-fixed price any time in the future.
Tradable on TROT Exchange secured through
Blockchain public network.

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Multi-currency global
TROT Exchange
TROT Market Makers support
for liquidity

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Join our global platform as
TROT Exchange Associate
in your country; No deposit, No fee
Multiple revenue streams

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TROT Market Makers

Home based Business Opportunity
No cost; no deposit; no obligations
Unique opportunity for the global households


No special knowledge or large
investment required. AI App for
simpler, risk-free dealings. Earn
assured margins and also share
the Ad revenue.

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Small Investors

Develop your base of household
investors. Support new issues of
vetted projects of your choice.
Earn Market Maker margins and
also share the Ad revenue

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Senior Citizens

Regain economic strength without
risk. AI-based App to help in
buy-sell decisions. Manage your
money yourself from home.

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Generate Your Own
TROT Products For Sale

Mobilize non-debt long-term, open-ended funding for your business
Easy cash flow and also boosts your revenue

A Key to the Governments
To Boost the Economy
Without Taxing the Exchequer

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31,000+ Acres backed
KIAF Agro Supply Chain
KIAF-TROT Agro Product
TROT product is NOT a crypto currency.
It provides a legally enforceable right to acquire the underlying assets or services on the TROT terms.
Rohit Tidke holds IPRs of the TROT Products