A DeFi product tradable on TROT Exchange
Secured by Blockchain public network

Generated through an agreement with TROT Exchange
to assign the license to generate and sell the TROT
Product units of the licensee.

The agreement defines the rights of the unit holders
and obligations of the licensee

Your rights as a holder of the Units

To acquire the underlying asset anytime in the future
on payment of a fixed price and on surrender of ‘X’
number of the TROT product units

Claim Recall compensation in case of default assuring
minimum returns – check for CGL cover

TROT Products

Comparison with the different Project Funding options
Funding Sources Legal Issues Funding Potential Fin.
Funding cost Equity Turning Security needs Control risk Help in Marketing Op. Freedom
Own funding Very low Low Nil Very high None None None None Very high
Bank term loans Low Average Low High Average High Average None High
PE/VC funding Low High Average Very high None None High None Very low
Pvt. debt placement Low Average Low High Average High Low None High
IPO Very high Very high Very high High None None Low Average High
IPO Debt Instrument High High High Low Average Low Low Average High
Co. Deposits High Very Low High Low Low None Very Low None High
Private loan Very Low Low High Very high Average Very high High None High
Pre-bookings Very Low Low Low Very high Average Very high very low Average High
TROT Products Very Low Very high high Low High Low Low Very high High